Monday, June 29, 2009

Exciting News

A week ago, Chris and I decided to stop giving Micah training pants cold turkey. It has been the best decision for his potty training. Although, he's had several accidents (as expected), Micah has really progressed with using the potty and telling me when he needs to go. To me, that alone is worth the accidents he's had. Oh, and Micah finally went poop in the potty! I caught him trying to go in his underwear when I rushed him to the bathroom. He finally did it!

Paige waved "bye-bye" for the first time today! Grandma and Papa Crosby were over at our place to help us get Paige's new (and very pink) car seat in our car. When they left, she waved "bye-bye!" That's also something we've been trying to teach her for awhile. It's so cool to see your children grow!

Today for Family Home Evening, our lesson was about baptism. Since this is a new concept for Micah, I tried to think of any activity that he could relate to. I decided to have Micah wash and rinse his toys in buckets of water like the June 20th activity I posted on Together We Learn. I told him that we are "dunked" and become clean in a baptism just like we are dunking and cleaning the toys. It was simple and fun for him. Paige wasn't too shy getting into the bubbles either. :) For those of you who are curious, you can go to for a picture of the floor plan for our first house. Tomorrow, I will be posting a healthy oat bran muffin recipe. Yum!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Want to see Paige walk?

Yesterday, on my Together We Learn website, I posted a video of Paige walking with her toy walker. It's pretty dang cute! Today's TWL post is about keeping your kids cool outside while they help clean. Sounds good, huh?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Appreciating Your Spouse

Take a look at my new Together We Learn blog post about appreciating your spouse. Chris said that it was kind of kinky. Curious? See for yourself! Tomorrow, I will be asking for your thoughts on potty training. Please visit the website and enjoy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New TWL Post

Check out my new post on Together We Learn. FHE Lesson: I Am a Child of God. Learn how to make homemade pot pie tomorrow!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jenn's New Blog

Together We Learn is my new blog that brings ideas to one place, ideas that may help a family somehow become more united or find ways to just have fun. Below is the website address:

Check it out, and please e-mail me your ideas and suggestions to I am excited for many to participate to bring color and variety to the posts and discussions. Thanks in advance for your support!

Just Talking

Well, our offer on the house we want to build was accepted, so now the contractor is in the process of buying the lot from the developer. That may or may not close this weekend; hopefully it will so they can get started on building our home. I'm getting pretty anxious and excited about it. I can't wait to go down and see our home in progress. And, of course, we will take pictures for everyone to see how our home is coming along.

On a very different note, I think I have decided to stop my late night fix: chocolate. I was looking in the fridge for something to eat at 9:00. I knew I would feel guilty about ice cream or a chocolate bar, even though they taste so good. It's my addiction. So, I decided instead on an orange. Then, I thought, why don't I make this kind of choice every time I'm hungry so late at night? I can't guarantee myself that I'll always choose the healthy snacks, but if I want to stay healthy, I need to eat that way.