Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Kids (No Longer Babies)

Well, I have said a lot about our new house, but I need to catch everyone up on the real important stuff, the kids.

Micah: He is such a handsome boy. He turned 3 last July, and he is SO independent. Seriously, he wants to do everything by himself. It's interesting. I've obviously gotten myself into a habit of helping him with the little things since he couldn't do them before, like pouring his milk. Here, let me share with you a typical breakfast meal. We go into the kitchen, and he has to turn on the lights. He gets his own cereal or oatmeal, milk and juice out of the refridgerator, and spoon. The only reason I get his cup and bowl is because he can't reach it. He sits down in his chair and pours the cereal or oatmeal, milk, and juice by himself (with my supervision.) I just watch to make sure he doesn't pour too much or spill. When he's done, I ask him to put his dishes in the sink. (It's funny how I have to ask him to clean up by himself.) After that, he has to be the one to push a dining chair to the sink to wash his hands (and face if need be.)

Going to the bathroom is similar. I get him started by turning on the light (the bathroom is really dark,) and helping him pull down his pants. Once he starts going, though, he asks me, "Please go." So, I go, and let him do the rest. I'm not complaining about him doing things by himself, because he needs to learn those things. Sometimes I do get annoyed when I do something for him, and he has a huge temper over it, like I can't do anything at all for him anymore. Wow, kids want to grow up so fast.

Paige: Our little girl is a feisty one. She has a temper like Micah's; her screams can blow up your eardrums! (Seriously, it's loud.) She likes to hit things (and people) right now, and throw her toys. She's just starting to learn how to put herself to sleep. For awhile, it was WWIII if I didn't rock her or rub her back to help her go to sleep. She is very much attached to her mommy. Honestly, sometimes it's annoying, but most of the time, it's really awesome. Paige is completely off of baby foods; she graduated to adult food, just in much smaller bites. She has also recently stopped using a bottle, so she is using whole milk in just her sippy cup. Now, I need to focus on getting her used to more juice and water. Milk shouldn't be her only drink, I don't think.

Paige took her first step last week! She hasn't done anymore by herself since then, but it was one step closer to learning how to walk. Right now, I think she feels just fine with crawling. It gets her where she needs to go.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Below are the pictures I said I would post of our house (with Micah on the driveway.) Yesterday, I described what was finished on the inside the last time we looked at it almost 2 weeks ago. However, our realtor (Laura Roberts of Carol Jones) called Chris today, and she said that our house is done! Sweet! We will make an appointment with her to take a look at it, since I'm sure the house is locked up now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New House Pictures...

will be coming soon! I keep putting it off for some reason! We're really excited, and we want to show everyone how it's coming along. We believe they may even be done already! In the last post, we showed our house as just a frame. Since we last took a gander, they finished the siding, roof, driveway, and our part of the sidewalk on the outside. On the inside, they finished painting the walls; texturing the ceiling; putting linolium (sp?) on the floor; installing the cabinets, appliances, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. If we go back to look at it, we may not be able to go inside if everything is done! Our contractor is also seeding the land, so we don't have to put in our own grass. We will eventually have to purchase a fench, though. Still, it's awesome to see everything coming along!