Friday, March 27, 2009

Standing Up and Laying Down

Paige is progressing on how to stand up and support herself. At first, she would stand on her feet using objects close to the floor. Now, she can use the door to completely stand up! Amazing!

Paige is also getting her two top teeth, which explains her random crankiness. But, other than that, she is a very happy baby. When she "talks", it just makes me giggle.

I wasn't sure if I should post this picture of Micah and I being bootelicious. He is actually helping me work out on the Wii. Lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paige's Growing Hair, the Monst...Monkey, and "My Kids"

Her hair has grown to the point that I can actually make little ponytails or piggytails. It's exciting for me. I love to do her hair. I can't wait to put little clips in next. Aunt Jeni actually made her first ponytail, but yesterday was her first day for piggys, which I did.

A few days ago, Chris thought it would be good to stop calling Micah a "monster". The name was intended to be a way for us to joke around about how much trouble he can cause. My husband was sweet enough to think that calling Micah a "monster" was mean. So, we both decided it would be best for us to stop calling him that for good. We still call him a "monkey", though.

Below are pictures of the children I care for throughout the week. They can be quite a handful all together, but somehow it's all still fun.

Molly, 3 years old

Kyle, almost 2 years old

Enzo, 18 months old