Sunday, February 24, 2013

For the Sake of Keeping You Informed...

I'm up really late, and I really shouldn't be. Not too long ago, I finished my cleaning and balanced the checkbook. It needed to be done. I don't mind doing it, though. When I clean, I can usually go into my own world and think of silly things that make me happy.

Chris' birthday was last Thursday, but I took him out to celebrate on Friday. Date night! For a brief few hours, we felt we were rollin' in the dough. I saved some money from what I earned through child care. First, we went to Nakato's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. Sushi! We had enough cash left over to go to Andy's for yummy frozen yogurt. We had a lot of fun as we normally do.

To do something fun for himself, Chris decided to start taking inprov classes. He really needs this to help him get through the monotony of the week. And he should do something that he is good at, too. In March, his class is scheduled to perform a show! I'm looking forward to watch him be funny. Of course, I have the pleasure of watching him do that everyday. Chris is also dabbling in stand-up comedy. He attends just about every open mic slot he can find. There aren't that many in Springfield, but at least he is still doing what he enjoys. He's had a great time getting to know other comedians as well. I think he's so brave to get up in front of people and try to make them laugh. Brave or crazy. Sometimes, I'm not sure which. (I'm just teasing.)

Ok, it's definitely time for bed. Good night!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Treats and My Sweets

Tonight, I did something I don't normally do. Something I haven't done in a really, really long time...

I polished my toe nails. (And blogged about it.)

As Chris likes to call it, tonight is his "birthday eve." But instead of focusing on him, I decided to treat myself and make my feet look pretty. I rummaged through my stock of nail polish. Most of them were very old and had to be thrown away. I did manage to find 5 bottles that are still good for painting. Two dark blue, one purple, and two sparkly clear polishes. I would definitely like more variety. Still, it's a start for a girl... woman... girl-woman who is still learning how to make herself look gorgeous, dahling.

Chris' parents were very generous in taking our family out to eat Mexican food tonight for Chris' birthday. El Puente! It's amazing every time. It was nice to go out to eat. Good food, no dishes or clean-up, and a fun time with my family.

I'm looking forward to Chris' birthday tomorrow and taking him out Friday. We will be having a date night! Both Chris and I are very blessed to be able to do these things. We always have lots of fun together.

Just got word that the kids will not be having school tomorrow. The weather is projected to be too severe for traveling, but it hasn't even snowed yet! Still, I had lots of fun with them last Monday when they weren't in school for President's Day. So, I'm sure we will make the best of tomorrow as well. Good night and pleasant dreams!