Monday, June 30, 2008

Day #5 Sleep Deprived

I forgot how little sleep you get when you have a new born around. So every time the baby is asleep one of us get a chance to sleep while the other takes care of Micah. It was Jens turn and I really wanted to be asleep as well. So I took a picture.

Day #4 Vindicated

As soon as I brought home our daughter my son has decided that he is going to be on his worst behavior. He will not do what he is told and sometimes will do the opposite. Well this picture kind of vindicated me. He would not eat his dinner last night or his breakfast this morning. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to eat this dinner. A family in our ward brought over enchiladas that were slightly spicy. Micah doesn't handle spicy very well. So he ate his beans and salad. He took one bite of his enchilada and it spiced him out. So I took the meat out of the tortillas because that's where the spice was. I then told him to eat the tortillas. Remember he is still mad at me. So he took a big bite out of the meat. The freak out that ensued after was classic. This is right after he drank the milk to cool the spice down. It goes to show. Don't mess with Dad!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day #3 Car seats

When I pulled out the old car seat I had a wave of memories and emotions come over me today. We went through a lot with our first one. I really didn't enjoy carrying the stupid thing everywhere. I didn't have to think twice about putting it in the car. It was all second nature. So I thought it would be fun to photograph the car seat that I get to carry around for the next year. I left the hat on it because it represents paige getting to use it now! Oh the joys of having a kid.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day #2 Paige is here

Our Daughter Paige is here. She is 6lbs 1oz. She has a full head of hair. I am going to post more photos on my website. Micah her big brother was 2 lbs heavier. He was also 3 inchs longer. She is a little cute girl. Anyway my life changed a whole lot today

Day #1 Steak

This photo was the one that I had picked out for today because for me it represented the celebration of 9 long months for my wife and our family. We are having our daughter Friday and we wanted to have a nice meal before our life gets thrown back into chaos. They look good and they tasted great!

Art 260 Assignment

Hey everyone! I have been given this assignment from Brother Atkinson. He is doing it along with us so check out his blog. I thought I might post my pictures here as well with a little explanation of why that photos means something to me.

Art 260 Assignment

This week (beginning tomorrow) you are to keep a "daily photographic journal" similar to Byron Wolf's project entitled "Everyday". I suggest that you read the introduction to his book which is posted at the end of today's lecture notes, and then start the day tomorrow with your camera at your side. I will participate along with you and you can view my images each day at: Please have your images emailed to me ( BY MIDNIGHT each day. I WILL NOT COUNT IMAGES THAT ARE SENT AFTER MIDNIGHT! If you miss a day - it cannot be made up.

It is my hope that this project will cause you to consider some of the things around you that make up your visual world. Try not to make 'contrived' photographs. Try using the camera as a visual diary - just record your life as it happens.

Remember: NO WEEKLY IMAGES DUE TOMORROW. This assignment takes their place. Also, TRY to have next Tuesday's photo's (day 6) emailed a little bit early.

Have fun!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shun the unbeliever shunnnn.......

So my good friend Kirby Heyborne went from Mormon Hero to Mormon Leper (they are really going to make him ring a bell and say unclean when coming around other Mormons.) He is in a Miller Lite commercial! I can not believe he acted in a commercial. How dare he make money for his family. The fragile minds of the Mormon empire are in a frenzy. Kirby didn't you know, peoples testimony's are based on your acting choices.

This is what Corbin Allred (another LDS actor) had to say about this.
Oh...and this is a message to anyone who enjoys judging my friend Kirby, HOW COME NOBODY EVER GETS MAD AT ME?! I'M MORMON TOO! AND I KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ON TV AND IN MOVIES!!! I guess pretending you smoke or drink beer is worse than STRANGLING PEOPLE WITH AN ELECTRICAL CHORD...maybe I just don't understand. Does the guy who plays Judas in church videos get hate mail? Remember folks...IT'S NOT REAL!!!
I am tired of people passing judgment. This is between him and his family and GOD. No one else. I can not believe that people have been sending him HATE mail. I am so happy we as Christians really embraced the whole concept of love one another by sending them hate. Loving one another is something that we need to do always, even if someone is in a Beer commercial. Go team go!

So needless to say. Kirby I am sorry that people are are retarded. Wear that bell proud. Yell unclean at General Conference!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Son the Artist

Micah has really been spreading his artistic wings today. He has also been walking a thin line. Micah decided that after he pooped he was going to put his hands down his pants and paint with what he found.

Needless to say I smelt something funny and looked over at him smearing his own poop on the floor! Then he looked up and me and said.. "ewww Yucky". Something told me this day would come but I wasn't ready for it! So Micah got an early bath. This story is not over.

So we put him down to bed. Jen usually stays in the room with him until he falls asleep. Sometimes we don't and he is pretty good about going to sleep. So we put him to bed. I went into the bed room about 30 min later to get my shoes on to check the mail and guess who was in my room with an empty bottle of Desitin. That's right you guessed it, Micah!

We he thought the floor, my hat, mirror, his foot, and clothes all needed a white coat of baby rash cream. I think Jen was about to kill the little guy, with kindness of coarse, so I put him back down to bed. Right now he is sleeping but I will let you know if he decided to make another master piece in the morning!