Sunday, May 26, 2013


3...2...1... GO! Five rounds of 6 Turkish Get-ups and 12 box jump-overs and breaking lots of sweat. Chris and I are participating in Crossfit, and both of us are feeling the benefits and reaping the rewards.  Chris has been doing this for almost 2 months and gained strength strength and lost weight, and I've just started, but I feel like this will be a healthy challenge for me. I need to improve my upper body strength, and I'm hoping this will do it. We work out weekdays at 5:30 except for Wednesday. We may go up to 5 days a week later, but for now, 4 days kicks our butt.

Chris and I are having so much fun working out together. And he is teaching me technique and form. I have learned a lot from him. This is what it is: healthy bonding.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Up Late

This is a late blog post. I had a hunkering to watch Inception, and I couldn't resist. So, now I'm just waiting for Chris to get home. He really enjoys doing stand-up comedy, although some sets are much better than others. But, he's learning a lot through the process and meeting new people, so I'm happy for him in that regard. I may be a little bias, but to me, he is the funniest man I know.

Grandma Rich (Chris' grandmother) is visiting our families in the Springfield area until Thursday. Tonight, we all went out to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for dinner, and it was delicious as usual. I can never complain when we go there. Tomorrow is a family day after church. Mexican fiesta for dinner, and I'm hoping some games after that. We'll see. It's much harder for the adults to play games with curious babies, toddlers, and school-age kids in the mix.

I love Sundays. Now, it's time to sleep to prepare for my day of rest.