Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paige's First Tooth

Well, the waiting is over! Paige has her first tooth coming in! You know what that means, don't you? That's right! I need to start weaning her ASAP. After all the hoop-de-la of New Year's is over, I'm going to start the weaning process. I just hope it doesn't take a really long time. It will be nice when anyone can feed her; Chris and I need longer date nights. We really enjoy having our alone-with-each-other time.

But, anyways, the tooth is on the bottom left...her left, our right. She already looks so cute with a toothless smile, so it will be cool to see a smile with some pearly whites.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Christmas Letter

To Our Friends and Family,

We have had an amazing and busy year in 2008. Chris, Jen, and Micah are blessed with a new addition in the family, Paige. She was born on June 27th and weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. A small package, but what a wonderful gift she is. Chris graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho on Micah’s 2-year birthday, July 18th, and then we moved back to Springfield, Missouri where both our families are close by. In October, he found a job in a company called Gannett who owns the Springfield News-Leader. He works in a collections call center as a systems technician setting up workstations for the other employees, reviewing credit applications, and as the manager’s assistant. Jen is at home with the children; she is doing her best teaching them and helping them grow. She also baby-sits a 16-month-old named Enzo four days a week. The extra income is always helpful. Micah is a wild, energetic toddler. He is determined to do things on his own and be independent. He just started potty training; it will be nice when we won’t have to buy him diapers anymore. Paige is now almost 6-months old, and she certainly isn’t the scrawny little baby she used to be. She can roll over and chew her toes. It seems as though she is teething, because she has been somewhat cranky and drools quite a bit.

The poem below describes our family right now to the tune of The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…) Enjoy!

Graduation, then Chris was hired
Micah’s taking off his clothes
Peace and quiet, that’s what Jen desires
And Paige can roll and say some “Oh”s

But the children grow, their eyes, their ears, their mouth, their nose
It makes our days and years so bright
Pretty soon, Paige’s hair will have bows
And Micah will use the potty just right

We have great blessings every day
We thank the Lord; His love guides us when we pray
No worries and no fears not even sighs
To see how we will get through or get by

And so we’re offering this simple phrase
To friends and family, all of you
Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you!

Have a happy New Year, too! May your days be filled with the Lord’s love and blessings. With best wishes for you and yours,

The Crosby’s

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Poor Baby

Unfortunately, it turns out (after a doctor's visit) Micah has a throat infection. He has a fever of around 101 degrees. We're trying to encourage him to drink lots of juice. He hasn't really eaten anything today besides part of a banana. We are to keep him rested, and he has a prescription as well. This is only the second time he has been seriously ill. I'm not really worried, just concerned. I'm sure he will be his old self again soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Micah and...gross!

Well, Micah had a re-certification appointment for WIC today. They measured him and asked questions about his diet and so forth. I asked them about the Parents As Teachers program where they provide info on how your child should be developing mentally, emotionally, and socially depending on the child's age. They also teach parents how they can help their child develop in those areas. They offer to come to your home to "assess" your child or (as I am doing) you can go to their office (which is right by the WIC offices). It sounds like a good, helpful program. So, here are his stats:

Weight: 28 lbs.
Height: 35 1/4 in.
Other comments: The WIC nurse says he is growing normally. I told her I didn't feel like I was giving him enough veggies, so she gave me some ideas about that. The Parents As Teachers consultant said that Micah is doing very well in his vocabulary and in matching. She suggested giving Micah some easy puzzles to work on and to not be afraid to challenge him. She looked at Paige, too, and said that she is developing well also. She can roll over both ways, and she is absolutely fascinated with her hands. I'm pretty darn sure she is teething, because one second she is her normal happy self and the next second she is screaming. She is still sleeping well through the night, though. I'm grateful for that!

Oh, now the gross part. Micah threw up his dinner and his lunch...all over Chris yesterday. Later, we were watching the preview for "Four Christmases" where the baby pukes on Witherspoon's character. We laughed as Chris said, "Yep, they never stop throwing up on you." It was quite the mess, but we got it cleaned up, so no worries...unless he throws up again. :) We'll just hope he doesn't.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paige Update

Today, Paige had her 4-month appointment. Here are her stats:

Length: 25 in.
Weight: 14 lb. 10 oz.
Other comments: The doctor says she is really strong. She looks like it what with the chubby baby rolls she has. She is developing normally. She can roll over from her stomach to her back, and when she is on her tummy, it seems as though she is trying to crawl. She'll be moving around with Micah before we know it.

Chris felt a tooth coming through the other day. She has been a little more fussy than normal. And, she likes to suck on her lips like crazy. So, she has started teething! It's exciting for me to see her grow.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pics of the Kids

Paige is to the point where she can roll to her side and grab her feet. She can also scoot across the floor using her feet. She has the familiar fat rolls I remember with Micah, although not as big. She sleeps best on her stomach and all through the night. Most of the time. Even if I have to feed her in the middle of the night, she'll still go right back to sleep afterwards. I'm wondering, though, how much that will change once she starts teething. She will almost always smile if you smile at her. She seems very happy!

As far as our other child goes, to put it frankly,
Micah is a bossy brat! I mean that in the most loving way. He is becoming so independent! Mentally, he is ready to use the regular seat belt in the car instead of his car seat. He doesn't really like using the high chair at the dining table. He definitely has his preferences about certain things ("No kisses!" or "Sophie, hush!" or "No water!" or "No bath!", etc.) He loves to wrestle with Enzo, the 1-year-old boy I now babysit, and Enzo doesn't like it as much. EVERYTHING is "mine". He's up and down, in and out, all over the place. Even though he has a strong personality, he is still a lot of fun. I just need to teach him how to treat others nicely.

Chris has been promoted to IT Specialist at Gannett! For Chris, it's more responsibility and lots of learning. For us, it's from $9 per hour to $15 per hour! Yeah! Baby, movin' on up! It may even be a salary position later on down the road. We figured that since they want to give him a Blackberry, or in other words, a leash. He has a big fancy desk, and he can wear jeans to work every now and then. We plan on moving out Saturday, November 1 into the same apartment complex we were in before we moved to Idaho (Golden Pond Apartments). We looked around, and they seem like the best bang for our buck without going out of the ward boundaries. Blessings are just pouring down on us, and we feel tremendously grateful.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am so proud of my husband!

Chris has been jobless since we moved back to Missouri. That was about 2 1/2 months ago. We were able to get by with my babysitting income and Chris doing photography work on the side. During that time, though, it was really hard for him. It was hard for all of us. We wanted to be making money to support the family. We wanted to have our own place. We felt as though we were up against a brick wall. "Where were we going to go? We can't move forward!" We were both confused as to why no one would even schedule an interview with him. He has an impressive resume, but it was still hard for him to sell himself on paper. Once someone gave him the opportunity to show himself in person, it wasn't hard at all! He interviews very well, let's put it that way. Oh, finally, this huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. The brick wall is down; now it's time to move forward. Pretty soon, we should be able to move in to an apartment. I'm excited, and I hope Chris enjoys his new job!

I'm a working man

Hey Gang,

I am spreading the news. I got a job! I know your all saying, "ABOUT TIME YOU LAZY BUM." I couldn't agree more with you. I am now employed with the Springfield Gannett. Gannett owns about 85 newspapers and 20 something TV stations. So I have lots of room for growth in this company.

My official title is "Credit Specialist". I bet your asking yourself what does that mean. Well it means I am working with the collections department. I run credit checks on people who have outstanding debt with the company. We set up payment plans to help them get out of debt and also stay our customer. As Brother H always said, "It's easier to keep a customer than to get new ones." These people who are Advertising through the different media Gannett offers nation wide. So I get to work with my degree as well as learn a lot of new things.

Anyway, I am happy. It was up at 4:30 am today because I am so excited to start my new job. I think I am really going to like my new boss. She seems really cool. I will keep you all updated!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Micah Update

OK, so this morning, Micah had his doctor's appointment. He really wasn't due for one yet; we are just trying to get established with a doctor here in town. Here are his stats:

Height: 34 in.
Weight: 28 lb.
Comments: Once again, since I am babysitting all day today, Chris had to take Micah to his appointment. I missed him while he was gone. Anyways, the doctor said he is very advanced in vocabulary for his age. Awesome. I can't help but be proud of that. He is about average physically (50th percentile), and if he keeps growing at the rate he is, he will be 5' 8'' at the age of 18. So there you have it! If anyone is interested, I can give you Chris and I's stats when we go to the doctor. :) We don't even know when we are going; we just know we need to.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paige Update and Some Good News

Paige had a doctor's appointment last Monday. Since we had trouble with Medicaid here for awhile, her two-month appt. is actually a three-month check-up. Here are her stats:

Length: 24 in.
Weight: 13 lb. 1 oz.
Comments: Chris had to take Paige to her appointment since I was babysitting all day. That's the first time I didn't go to one of our kids' check-ups. Chris was getting kudos all around at the doctor's for being the dad and bringing her in. He said the doctor was pleased with Paige's health. She is growing right on track. It feels good to know she is doing well.

Chris is employed...sort of. He is registered with Penmac, a temp agency. Right now, they have three jobs he is highly qualified for. So, let's keep our fingers crossed...actually, let's fold our arms and bow our heads that he can find something soon. I'm excited and feeling extremely positive!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is what you do when you are unemployed

Welcome to Dragon Cave

This is a game that people play with blogs and forums. You can find and steal dragon eggs then raise them as your own. The trick is that you need people to click on your eggs inorder for them to hatch. So I have four right now. People please feel free to click on them. It doesn't take a lot of time and you feel like a real nerd when you do it!

Go team. Here are my eggs, click away! If you do this tell me and I will help you as well. You do not have to sign up to at least click on them for me.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Beautiful Children

Micah is growing and learning everyday. He is a sponge, soaking up just about anything and everything he sees or hears. He is a monster of a two-year-old; no surprises there. But, he is a good kid, sensitive and kind to others. He has an awesome sense of humor. Right now, he is speaking two or three-word sentences such as "Thank you, Papa" or "Water, please". Yes, he is very polite. He also says, "I farted." :) He's figured out how to climb over the really tall gate we put up in front of his room. Quite the monkey. He is obsessed with the movie "Cars"; he quotes it all the time. I have enjoyed watching him grow. I hope I can teach him well the things he needs to know.

Paige is a two-month-old chunk. She has grown to about 10 lbs. She knows how to eat very well and makes the best poopy diapers. I love her so much, and I can't wait until her hair grows so I can put it up in ponytails, etc.

Well, there you have it. An up-to-date description of my kids. Until next time...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Wordle is a cool little website the creates graphics showing the words used most on a website with Blog or blog feed. Anyway here is mine. Check it out for your self.

Friday, July 25, 2008

All About the New Baby

Paige is almost one-month old already. I thought I would share with you some of her characteristics so far. She is very active. Unless we wrap her up like a burrito, she will always kick off the blanket that is on her. She can't be by herself for very long; she likes to be held quite a bit. But, no one really minds, because she is so cute. Her days and nights are becoming more normal. At the very first, she would sleep all day and stay up all night. Now, she will sleep during most of the night, and I have to get up to feed her once or twice. I'm starting to put her in a routine, and I am figuring out as I go how long she should stay awake and how long her naps should be. Nothing to really worry about, though. Once I figure it out, it is going to change anyway. :) Nursing Paige is going really well, which I am happy about. I had trouble breastfeeding Micah, so it's nice to be able to do this for her. I really enjoy being a mother of two. I enjoy watching them develop, and I even enjoy the challenges (after they happen). :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Series - Rexburg Protest

I love BYU-Idaho and Rexburg, but there are times that I get so frustrated with the way things are here. So for a photo series I have been working on I have made this protest.

The pictures are typical things you would see when you are in Rexburg. The two models represent the protest for me. The guy is showing frustration but is dressed really nice. It represents students frustration of school, finals, and being the perfect little mormon. His nice dress is showing the high dress standards of this school but he is wearing a black shirt showing he still has his own thought process (most everyone here has white shirts). The girl represents all the pressure the girls have up here to be perfect, pretty and ready to have babies. She is dressed up nice and posing like a fashion model. I have seen to many people forget who they are by trying to be someone they are not. That is why she is wearing a mask. Anyway I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you like it.


Paige no cry

Micah does not mess around when it comes to his big brother responsibilities. Like all good big brothers when it comes time to boss your little siblings around he stepped up to the plate. Paige does not cry very often (its a blessing) but when she does its because she is hungry or messy. So when Paige starts crying now Micah tells her "No cry". He tells her this because when he is crying I tell him not to cry.

Also when Paige is crying Jen will tell her she is coming. So Micah being the mamas boy he is, he will follow up with a "Paige coming... coming..." Its pretty funny to be honest. I think he will be a great big brother, because I am speaking from experience. I still terrorize my siblings.

Something else my son has started doing is tapping his lips and saying umm umm while he thinks. It is really funny. Jen will ask him what book he wants to read and he will stop, think, and tap then pick his book. I think he does it now because of the reaction he gets from Jen and I. Or maybe he really might be thinking about. I'm not sure where he picked this one up but it sure is funny! Oh the joys of parenthood.

On a side note I am so close to graduation I can taste it. Thursday had to be one of the hardest days of my life but somehow survived. I had two major group presentations and a couple of big photo projects all due on Friday. I went to school at 7am and I got home at 10pm. Some how I got everything done with only a few ulcers and migraines. I still have a hard week ahead of me but I feel like I can make it after what I did on Thursday. 6 days left!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sí, se puede (Yes it can be done)

Soooo 9 more days until I graduate! I am so excited but I can not believe its coming. These next days are going to be the death of me. If I can make it, I think I will be able to do anything. I am just excited because we are down to the single digits.

Here is a little history of why I am so excited to be done with school here at BYU-Idaho. I started school here the Summer of 2000. That is right. 8 years ago. I know what you are thinking. A lot of people go to school for 8 years... Yeah they are called doctors and lawers. But oh no. I am getting my Bachelors in Communication. Technicaly I have not been here for that long because I took 2 years off for my mission to Long Beach. Then I took a year and four months off to get married. So 5 1/2 years isn't to bad but it feels like 8 years. BUT still, I am 26 in school.

I am the old man with two kids on campus. My sister who is 7 years younger than I am is going to be a sophmore at the end of this semester! I have had a teacher here who I am older than. I was on his board when he did New Student Orientation here at school. Now he teaches!

Anyway.... I am just ready to be done and start working!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Rexburg is not known for its electrical storms. They just do not happen very often. When it does they are not very exciting. Well tonight I was working on some homework and Jen's phone started ringing. She was taking my Sister home. It was our friends the Greers. Rebecca had some questions and then she told me to go look outside because there is a lot of lighting right now.

I ran outside and sure enough we had lighting and a lot of it. So I ran into my room and got my camera stuff ran outside and started photographing. Here is my fav of the night. I got about 4-5 others that I really like. I will get around to posting them later.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

More fun with pictures

I really enjoyed taking pictures of my experiences and posting them. It felt more journalistic for me. So I might not be posting every day but I do want to document more of my life via photos. I will then post and write about them.

Here is how I found Micah in the morning yesterday. he was stuck but wanted to make the best of it and play. He is a monster but it makes for a fun time!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day #6 Diaper Rash

Brian thought I would of sent him a picture of a dirty diaper but I thought I would post a picture of me buying diapers. It can be a huge task for a guy. I took the photo so it looks like the shelf is falling on me. I had to be quick about taking it because I know they do not like people taking pictures in the store. So it was an adventure of buying the right kind of diapers for both of my kids and not getting caught! Who ever thought being a dad and photographer is boring needs to think again!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Day #5 Sleep Deprived

I forgot how little sleep you get when you have a new born around. So every time the baby is asleep one of us get a chance to sleep while the other takes care of Micah. It was Jens turn and I really wanted to be asleep as well. So I took a picture.

Day #4 Vindicated

As soon as I brought home our daughter my son has decided that he is going to be on his worst behavior. He will not do what he is told and sometimes will do the opposite. Well this picture kind of vindicated me. He would not eat his dinner last night or his breakfast this morning. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to eat this dinner. A family in our ward brought over enchiladas that were slightly spicy. Micah doesn't handle spicy very well. So he ate his beans and salad. He took one bite of his enchilada and it spiced him out. So I took the meat out of the tortillas because that's where the spice was. I then told him to eat the tortillas. Remember he is still mad at me. So he took a big bite out of the meat. The freak out that ensued after was classic. This is right after he drank the milk to cool the spice down. It goes to show. Don't mess with Dad!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day #3 Car seats

When I pulled out the old car seat I had a wave of memories and emotions come over me today. We went through a lot with our first one. I really didn't enjoy carrying the stupid thing everywhere. I didn't have to think twice about putting it in the car. It was all second nature. So I thought it would be fun to photograph the car seat that I get to carry around for the next year. I left the hat on it because it represents paige getting to use it now! Oh the joys of having a kid.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day #2 Paige is here

Our Daughter Paige is here. She is 6lbs 1oz. She has a full head of hair. I am going to post more photos on my website. Micah her big brother was 2 lbs heavier. He was also 3 inchs longer. She is a little cute girl. Anyway my life changed a whole lot today

Day #1 Steak

This photo was the one that I had picked out for today because for me it represented the celebration of 9 long months for my wife and our family. We are having our daughter Friday and we wanted to have a nice meal before our life gets thrown back into chaos. They look good and they tasted great!

Art 260 Assignment

Hey everyone! I have been given this assignment from Brother Atkinson. He is doing it along with us so check out his blog. I thought I might post my pictures here as well with a little explanation of why that photos means something to me.

Art 260 Assignment

This week (beginning tomorrow) you are to keep a "daily photographic journal" similar to Byron Wolf's project entitled "Everyday". I suggest that you read the introduction to his book which is posted at the end of today's lecture notes, and then start the day tomorrow with your camera at your side. I will participate along with you and you can view my images each day at: www.mileposts.blogspot.com. Please have your images emailed to me (art260@q.com) BY MIDNIGHT each day. I WILL NOT COUNT IMAGES THAT ARE SENT AFTER MIDNIGHT! If you miss a day - it cannot be made up.

It is my hope that this project will cause you to consider some of the things around you that make up your visual world. Try not to make 'contrived' photographs. Try using the camera as a visual diary - just record your life as it happens.

Remember: NO WEEKLY IMAGES DUE TOMORROW. This assignment takes their place. Also, TRY to have next Tuesday's photo's (day 6) emailed a little bit early.

Have fun!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shun the unbeliever shunnnn.......

So my good friend Kirby Heyborne went from Mormon Hero to Mormon Leper (they are really going to make him ring a bell and say unclean when coming around other Mormons.) He is in a Miller Lite commercial! I can not believe he acted in a commercial. How dare he make money for his family. The fragile minds of the Mormon empire are in a frenzy. Kirby didn't you know, peoples testimony's are based on your acting choices.

This is what Corbin Allred (another LDS actor) had to say about this.
Oh...and this is a message to anyone who enjoys judging my friend Kirby, HOW COME NOBODY EVER GETS MAD AT ME?! I'M MORMON TOO! AND I KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ON TV AND IN MOVIES!!! I guess pretending you smoke or drink beer is worse than STRANGLING PEOPLE WITH AN ELECTRICAL CHORD...maybe I just don't understand. Does the guy who plays Judas in church videos get hate mail? Remember folks...IT'S NOT REAL!!!
I am tired of people passing judgment. This is between him and his family and GOD. No one else. I can not believe that people have been sending him HATE mail. I am so happy we as Christians really embraced the whole concept of love one another by sending them hate. Loving one another is something that we need to do always, even if someone is in a Beer commercial. Go team go!

So needless to say. Kirby I am sorry that people are are retarded. Wear that bell proud. Yell unclean at General Conference!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Son the Artist

Micah has really been spreading his artistic wings today. He has also been walking a thin line. Micah decided that after he pooped he was going to put his hands down his pants and paint with what he found.

Needless to say I smelt something funny and looked over at him smearing his own poop on the floor! Then he looked up and me and said.. "ewww Yucky". Something told me this day would come but I wasn't ready for it! So Micah got an early bath. This story is not over.

So we put him down to bed. Jen usually stays in the room with him until he falls asleep. Sometimes we don't and he is pretty good about going to sleep. So we put him to bed. I went into the bed room about 30 min later to get my shoes on to check the mail and guess who was in my room with an empty bottle of Desitin. That's right you guessed it, Micah!

We he thought the floor, my hat, mirror, his foot, and clothes all needed a white coat of baby rash cream. I think Jen was about to kill the little guy, with kindness of coarse, so I put him back down to bed. Right now he is sleeping but I will let you know if he decided to make another master piece in the morning!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi my name is Chris... I might annoy you

So I have this bad habit of taking my friends name and making a little song or saying out of it. Here are some example... (Warning they will get stuck in your head) My friend Emily when I see her I start singing "Emily my friend partner in many schemes." I think she hears it and sings a long the first time but after about 20 times in an hour she wants to kill me.

Lets move on to Steve. I watch Homestarrunner.com and one of the Strong Bad emails is about a cartoon he makes. One of the people in the cartoon says HEY STEVE! ALSO... I really like Flight of the Conchords. One of their songs is Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros . One of the lines in the song says, "Did Steve tell you that per chance........ Steve....." So every time I see Steve I manage again to say this about 500 times I see him. I even sing the song when he calls.

Now lets talk about Lisa. We all know the name Lisa is a name from the Simpsons and one of the episodes has a guy pretending to be Micheal Jackson and Bart and him sing a birthday song to Lisa. Micheal Jackson really does sing THIS song. I like to sing it to her every time I see her. I think she has a hit out for me.

The best thing is that I have a class this semester with all three of them.... at the same time.... oh yeah!

So just a warning if you want to be my friend... It comes with a risk.
See what I do to little kids...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I want to sleep

This is how I feel today! School is going to kill me!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yeah BOY!!

So as everyone know if have the coolest kid on the block. He is so much fun but a lot of work. He is our little monster! He is at the point where he likes to try to say what we say. Me of course being the great dad that I am, took advantage of this. I taught him how to say YEAH BOY!! Just like everyones role model Flavor Flav.

So maybe I watch to much Flavor of Love or enjoy my Public Enemy more than I should, but this kid is destine for greatness. He has already caught on to a catch phrase that most anyone would recognize. Micah understands the value of the "Yeah Boy". When he says it we laugh and pay attention. All Micah needs to do is think of his own catch phrase. Of coarse I will be there 100% of the way.

Micah I have faith in you and remember who taught you this important principle of the Yeah Boy

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am almost done....

I am almost done with school but I have a bad case of Senoritist. (sp?) I keep telling myself to finish strong! Then I look at my books and die a little. So when you see me tell me its ok and I can do it!

On another note! I am freaking out about getting a job. I really want to graduate and then walk into a job when we move back to Missouri. I had applied to be the Marketing Specialist for JVIC at Missouri State. I called them yesterday and I didn't get the job. So I have a couple of applications out now.

oh btw I finished Naruto up to 398. I will read a new one every week now! lol

Friday, April 25, 2008

Why do I do this to myself!

For those of you how know me, when find something I like I obsess over it. So if it's a book I will buy all the books in the series and read and read and read until I finish them. If I buy a new video game I play the game until its finished!

So right now I have started reading a Japanese Manga (Comic Book) called Naruto. My friends have been trying to get into this Anime/Manga for a long time. I am a nerd thats what I do. I am stubbern and didn't want to follow the trend. I'm not sure why. I was the same way with Harry Potter but when I started reading them I didn't do anything else for about 2 weeks. So I have caved in and started reading! Just like Harry Potter I have not done anything but read these stupid comics for the last 3 days. Right now there are about 400 chapters in the Manga. I am only at 283. That is over 5 years of work from them that I have read in 4 days. If you would like to read them go to. http://www.inaruto.net/ and you life will be over. If you want read the Bleach Manag as well. They are just as good.

Oh and I sure hope this was funny enough for you Emily! I really think you might be the only one reading this...... frrrrt... ....

Thats my Cigar!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Teton Lodge

The last couple of days I have been helping out with Student Spirit Events up at the Teton lodge. I had the chance to take some fun photos and was really happy with this one.

Anyway! Stay tuned! I will be posting more as I go!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I am new to this

Hello everyone! I am trying out this whole blog business! I hope you all enjoy it! lol

So I have been sick for about a week and the last couple of days I finally started feeling better. Then today happend. I am feeling about as bad as I ever did. I am so not happy. I thought I was going to be healthy for once and now I am not..... again.

A fun little side not Micah is talking a whole lot more. His new thing is to say... "Oh mannnn" Its great! I am trying to get him to say oh snap but oh man is great.