Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello 2010!

After reading my friend e's blog today.  She called me a LAME-O!  I realized I do need to blog more often. It's the start of a new year and I'm going to blog my little heart out. 

I have several goals for this year.  I always talk big, but this year I am going to live big.  I guess it shouldn't be to hard..  I am a pretty big guy.

Goals for 2010
1. Write and preform a stand-up comedy act.
2. Lose 60 pounds (I hope before my 10 year high school reunion)
3. Take a picture everyday.
4. Blog at least twice a week.
5. Be a better Dad and Husband.

I am going to work hard on doing these things, and I plan on reporting to everyone in my blog posts on how I am doing. 

When I was in school, we were given a project to do a week long photo journal.  I kept it here on my blog.  I am going to do a photo journal one week out of every month.  I love photography and feel like I am good at it.. but I have not been able to do much after college.  No more excuses!  Be looking for that first post starting next week.


Steve said...

I feel yah on the no photography after college. It sucks. I went on a hike last week and took my camera. I had a lot of fun taking some shots. I'm excited to see what you take. I hope all is well with you and your family. Miss you guys.

e. said...

I'll call you lame-o every day of the week if it will get you blogging more. Welcome back, old friend. Now get to blogging, da$% it!


Yeah for all your 2010 goals! They look great :) I'm glad you'll be blogging more. Because we're lame and never talk on the phone, we never get to keep up with you guys!