Thursday, March 4, 2010

And they grow, and they grow...

Last Thursday was a busy day of appointments but also accomplishments.

My OB/GYN appt. at 1:00: Our future baby girl, Devon, is doing quite well. She measured at about 4 lbs. and looks and sounds healthy. The ultrasound technician tried to get a picture of her face, but she wouldn't move her hand away. Still, we are looking forward to seeing what she looks like after she is born.

The kids' WIC appt. at 3:00: Nothing too exciting. Just re-certifying them in the program. I'm grateful for WIC as it helps with grocery expenses. :) Here are some stats for Micah and Paige:

Micah weighs 34.6 lbs, and he is 39 1/2 inches tall.
Paige weighs 23.2 lbs, and she is 31 5/8 inches tall.

I was hoping Micah would be somewhere near 40 lbs., so we could get him a booster seat for the car. But, he still has quite a ways to go. Paige is a lightweight as well. Her cousin, who is 9 months younger, is only about 2 lbs. lighter! Crazy!

Paige's doctor appt. at 4:00: The most frustrating part of the day was around this point. My WIC appt. went on and on. I called the doctor's office around 3:45 to let them know she would probably be late. Finally, the WIC appt. concluded and overlapped Paige's other appt., and I was rushing the kids to go across the street where I thought the doc's office was. Well, it turns out they had the building I had just come from! So, I scrambled them back into the car to go to where I had once just been. We were 45 minutes late, and I was pretty panicky. I did NOT want to make another appt.! So, I rushed to the check-in desk to find out...

...that since I had made that phone call, they were expecting me late, and I could still keep Paige's appt. Thank goodness! I was so relieved that even Micah running around and not listening to me didn't bother me. :) Lesson learned: When scheduling appointments, do NOT set them only an hour apart, even if they are both in the same building.


Beth Willmore said...

I love the name Devo - and I bet she'll be such a cutie!

Michelle Church said...

Wow, tht sounds frustrating. What a hard task to be pregnant and have the kids to lug aroud town. Glad all 3 kiddos are healthy.