Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last Halloween, the kids got a massive amount of candy from 2 Trunk or Treats, and they also went trick-or-treating on Sunday. There was a lot more candy than last year, because Paige joined in the quest of collecting the sweets. (I wish I had a picture of the candy in our biggest bowl.) Micah decided to be Thomas the Tank Engine. Paige was a princess, and Devon followed the tradition of being a Tootsie Roll. Chris and I were gangsters. Speaking of that, Micah sort of looks like a gangster in the bottom picture the way his hat is.



Cute! I'm so excited to see a recent picture of your WHOLE family!!! We miss you guys!

LittleBrownFamily said...

very cute! Adam would go crazy for a Thomas costume like that! As it was, he was pleased to be the Easter Bunny. :) He loved his ears.
Have a great holiday season!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.