Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Learning In The Classroom

Well, summer is here, and for Micah that means school. He is attending a Pre-K Summer School, and three days into it, he has had a lot of fun. He still doesn't know his teacher's name, and he's not sure if he has made any new friends. But, he is still really enjoying it, and I have to say that I'm enjoying it as well. The house is so much more quiet in the mornings. :)

On the first day, Micah got a time out. His teacher gave him several warnings not to run away from the class when they are in the hall. Well, he obviously didn't listen, so it should be no surprise that he was crying about it when I picked him up. When I saw him crying, I thought, Oh no, Micah doesn't like school! Thankfully, he likes school, just not time out. It's kind of funny what he did, because he also liked to run away from his Primary teachers as well. They were able to bribe him with candy to help him be reverent. Man, oh man. His behavior is something else. I blame Chris. His mom has some similar stories she has shared with me.

On a positive note, Micah tells me of the times he plays in the playground, colors and cuts out pictures, and listens to stories read by a teacher. He gets to eat his lunch in the cafeteria with his classmates. Overall, he is adjusting really well. I'm so happy for him! Below are pictures of Micah showing off a frog he colored and cut himself!

Since I'm down one child during his school hours, I'm trying to take the opportunity to focus more on potty training Paige. I didn't realize how hard training a middle child could be with two others needing my attention at home. Especially since Paige hardly wants anything to do with the potty right now anyways. My goal is to have her using the potty consistently by the end of the year, before she will graduate to the Sunbeams class in Primary at church. Wow. I'll have two Primary children next year. Devon will be able to go to the Nursery class in just a few months. That's just crazy.


~Beck~ said...

Looks like he is having a ton of fun! :) That's good! I can't believe both of your children are getting older! It's crazy but so much fun.

Danielle said...

Tristan is a runner too!! It drives me crazy!! I can't believe how big he is now! Miss you Jen!