Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Micah's First Day of Kindergarten

I woke up this morning around 6:00, thinking that there was something important going on. A few seconds later, I realized what it was. Micah's first day of school! Oh shoot, I should have woken up earlier! So, I rush to get myself ready. Before I can get to Micah's room, he walks in our room. I asked him, "Do you know what day it is?"

"It's my first day of school!"

He puts on the clothes I set out on his bed last night while Paige and Devon wake up for breakfast. I hurriedly make their morning meals and Chris' lunch, hoping I don't miss the bus. Micah comes out of his room dressed handsomely, and here's the proof.

Micah eats his oatmeal and gets his school stuff, his backpack and lunch box.

We walk out the door after breakfast, around 7:30. I'm hoping we didn't miss the bus, and after 15 minutes, I'm wondering if it will come up our street at all. The transportation director told me it would come up here, right? I'm kind of stressing, thinking of a plan if the bus doesn't come. But, silly me, I stressed over nothing. The bus showed up around 7:50, and Micah was eager to get on. Here's a picture of his backpack boarding the bus. (I almost forgot to take a picture at all. I guess this is better than nothing.)

I introduced myself to the bus driver and stepped back as she closed the door. I can't say I didn't get emotional as I waved to Micah, heading off to school. But, I'm so excited for him! Although he has a teacher and is at school most of the day, my job to teach him is not over. I still have a responsibility to see that he learns what he should to progress and (eventually) leave our home to be on his own and raise his own family. I know, that point in his life is a long time away. But today, I reflected on how much ALL of my children need me to nurture them. It was a fresh start for both Micah and me.


Becky said...

Cannot believe Micah is that old! Oh my goodness!

Amber D. said...

So exciting for Micah! I want to know how it went! : )