Saturday, April 6, 2013

Laughter and Family, Usually One in the Same

Tonight, Chris is attending an Open Mic night in downtown Springfield. Sometimes they run pretty late. Tonight's Open Mic night is at 10, so he probably won't be home until 11:30 or midnight. That's way past my bedtime! Still, I'm glad he has the opportunities to do some comedy. He's a very funny man, and he's learning a lot about how to do stand-up, how to tell a story, how to create good timing, etc. He's really enjoying his improv class as well.  And, of course, he's made some new friends along the way. With this and Crossfit (his new workout regimen), the monotony of the work week becomes more tolerable.

Speaking of comedy, we witnessed in all his glory Jim Gaffigan at the Juanita K. Hammons Hall two Wednesdays ago, and he was hilarious! As father of 5, he really gets how parenting is and how I see it, even though I'm a mother of 3. He had all new material, except he did bring back his Hot Pocket bit. Chris was surprised by that, because he heard Mr. Gaffigan say on a podcast that he does not like performing those jokes anymore. If you know what your audience likes, then I guess you give them what they want. Still, I was greatly entertained, and although he may cringe if I say it, I really appreciate his clean humor. The next comedian I would love to see is Brian Regan. Hopefully, he'll come back to Springfield. That would be amazing!

Last Wednesday, my parents called and asked to come to our place on Saturday for a visit. My dad and mom are vacationing after working hard ministering to his congregation this Easter season. (My dad, if you did not know, is a Lutheran minister.) It was very nice to have them here today. We talked and talked so much that we skipped lunch and went to Shanghi Buffet for an earlier dinner. Yummy as usual! I hope we get to see my parents again soon. They live in the Jefferson City area, so their visits do not happen very often. We do not get to visit them at their place very often either. So, it's great to see them when we can.

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