Sunday, May 26, 2013


3...2...1... GO! Five rounds of 6 Turkish Get-ups and 12 box jump-overs and breaking lots of sweat. Chris and I are participating in Crossfit, and both of us are feeling the benefits and reaping the rewards.  Chris has been doing this for almost 2 months and gained strength strength and lost weight, and I've just started, but I feel like this will be a healthy challenge for me. I need to improve my upper body strength, and I'm hoping this will do it. We work out weekdays at 5:30 except for Wednesday. We may go up to 5 days a week later, but for now, 4 days kicks our butt.

Chris and I are having so much fun working out together. And he is teaching me technique and form. I have learned a lot from him. This is what it is: healthy bonding.

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Jarom and Jennifer said...

Hi! I accidentally blog-stocked into you. I haven't been on blogger for a long time, nor updated our blog in a year, but you are welcome to check it out. You have a beautiful family. I am interested to read the adventures of the Crosby's on your blog. :-)