Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yeah BOY!!

So as everyone know if have the coolest kid on the block. He is so much fun but a lot of work. He is our little monster! He is at the point where he likes to try to say what we say. Me of course being the great dad that I am, took advantage of this. I taught him how to say YEAH BOY!! Just like everyones role model Flavor Flav.

So maybe I watch to much Flavor of Love or enjoy my Public Enemy more than I should, but this kid is destine for greatness. He has already caught on to a catch phrase that most anyone would recognize. Micah understands the value of the "Yeah Boy". When he says it we laugh and pay attention. All Micah needs to do is think of his own catch phrase. Of coarse I will be there 100% of the way.

Micah I have faith in you and remember who taught you this important principle of the Yeah Boy