Saturday, July 12, 2008

Paige no cry

Micah does not mess around when it comes to his big brother responsibilities. Like all good big brothers when it comes time to boss your little siblings around he stepped up to the plate. Paige does not cry very often (its a blessing) but when she does its because she is hungry or messy. So when Paige starts crying now Micah tells her "No cry". He tells her this because when he is crying I tell him not to cry.

Also when Paige is crying Jen will tell her she is coming. So Micah being the mamas boy he is, he will follow up with a "Paige coming... coming..." Its pretty funny to be honest. I think he will be a great big brother, because I am speaking from experience. I still terrorize my siblings.

Something else my son has started doing is tapping his lips and saying umm umm while he thinks. It is really funny. Jen will ask him what book he wants to read and he will stop, think, and tap then pick his book. I think he does it now because of the reaction he gets from Jen and I. Or maybe he really might be thinking about. I'm not sure where he picked this one up but it sure is funny! Oh the joys of parenthood.

On a side note I am so close to graduation I can taste it. Thursday had to be one of the hardest days of my life but somehow survived. I had two major group presentations and a couple of big photo projects all due on Friday. I went to school at 7am and I got home at 10pm. Some how I got everything done with only a few ulcers and migraines. I still have a hard week ahead of me but I feel like I can make it after what I did on Thursday. 6 days left!!!!

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Michelle Church said...

Adorable. I just love the little things kids do. Nathan already does some super cute things and I know it'll only get better. I'm glad Paige isn't a big crier and that Micah is a good big brother already! I hope you survive your week!