Friday, March 27, 2009

Standing Up and Laying Down

Paige is progressing on how to stand up and support herself. At first, she would stand on her feet using objects close to the floor. Now, she can use the door to completely stand up! Amazing!

Paige is also getting her two top teeth, which explains her random crankiness. But, other than that, she is a very happy baby. When she "talks", it just makes me giggle.

I wasn't sure if I should post this picture of Micah and I being bootelicious. He is actually helping me work out on the Wii. Lots of fun!

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Beth Willmore said...

I can't believe Paige is standing up on things by herself and she's 1 day younger than Parker! He just barely started sitting up unassisted last week! (But Meg was really slow physically so I'm not worried about it.) I love the pic of you and Micah and your bums. :) I miss you!