Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paige's Growing Hair, the Monst...Monkey, and "My Kids"

Her hair has grown to the point that I can actually make little ponytails or piggytails. It's exciting for me. I love to do her hair. I can't wait to put little clips in next. Aunt Jeni actually made her first ponytail, but yesterday was her first day for piggys, which I did.

A few days ago, Chris thought it would be good to stop calling Micah a "monster". The name was intended to be a way for us to joke around about how much trouble he can cause. My husband was sweet enough to think that calling Micah a "monster" was mean. So, we both decided it would be best for us to stop calling him that for good. We still call him a "monkey", though.

Below are pictures of the children I care for throughout the week. They can be quite a handful all together, but somehow it's all still fun.

Molly, 3 years old

Kyle, almost 2 years old

Enzo, 18 months old


Beth Willmore said...

I love it that you can do pigtails for Paige now! So Micah has gone from a monster to a monkey huh - at least as far as the name is concerned. :) It's good to keep up with your cute little family!

Michelle Church said...

I'm glad her hair is growing for you to play with! You sure have your hands full Jenn.