Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look at her go!

Devon is crawling now, and the house is her playground, maze, and jungle gym. She loves to sneak into the cat food. I have to make sure the floor is clean, or she might eat whatever is on it. Micah received a Thomas the Tank Engine for Christmas that runs by itself. He figured out that if he turns it on and puts it in front of Devon, she will chase after it. Just today, Devon used our gaming chair to hold herself up on her feet. It won't be much longer before she is walking with us.

Chris has made some more progress toward his weight loss goal. He has lost a total of 24 lbs. so far in almost 4 weeks! He started at 330 and is hoping to be at or below 300 by the end of the month. He still has a few more days to go, so we will see where he will be by then. Thanks for your encouragement and support!



Woohoo! Way to go Chris! Keep it up!

LittleBrownFamily said...

Way to go, Christ AND Devon! Hurray for working toward and reaching goals! :)

Sarah said...