Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will this last forever?

Micah has developed a sense of defiance. He has a hard time obeying me. This morning, I gave him a choice to either sit in the living room or play in his room while I finished some things before waking up the girls. His response was, "I don't care!" So, I decided for him. He wasn't happy.

Later today, he had another hard time doing as I asked. I sent him to his room. He wasn't happy. I came back a few minutes later and asked him why he was sent to his room. He knew why, but then he proceeded to say, "I don't care about listening to you." I wasn't happy. I have learned the importance of listening to Micah, even if he suggests something I may not agree with. It could mean avoiding a bad argument completely.

Paige screams when she's upset. She loves to express herself loudly. It drives Micah nuts, so he yells at her for yelling. So, I'm trying to teach him to help her feel better instead of making the noise louder. And, of course, teaching Paige to not scream will come with time.

I hate to say this for risk of announcing a favorite child, but Devon is absolutely adorable! She is crawling everywhere, so the only thing I get frustrated with is her constantly trying to get into the cat food. But, oh my goodness, she is so cute! She has the most adorable giggles and sounds. While Micah's defiance and Paige's screams won't last forever, I'm hoping Devon's cuteness will last awhile.

Chris has made some great progress in his weight loss journey. He is freaking amazing!!! Check out his blog to find out where he is in running and on the scale.

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