Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Two Obsessions

Obsession #1: Adele

I love her album 21! Love it. Chris gave it to me for my birthday, and for some reason, I can't stop because I'm not getting enough. I've listened to it several times, more than I dare count to avoid some embarrassment. To me, her voice is so unique. I used to want Christina Aguilara's pipes; now, I want Adele's original, soulful, and genuine voice.

Obsession #2: The Hunger Games

I have never (ever) been this obsessed with a book series. I mean stay-up-until-1am-even-though-I'll-wake-up-at-5am obsessed. Seriously, it's bad. Has it been this bad before? Harry Potter? No. Twilight? Not even close. Granted, I enjoyed those series because they were entertaining, but I never caught the "I've got to keep reading this" bug. (Chris will testify to that, too.) Both of those deserve a nod of respect (if not a courtesy applause), but I love going into this world Suzanne Collins has created. And of course, being the girly girl that I am (yeah, right), I'm sucked into the love triangle that forms and develops. So far, I've found it very creative and intriguing. Chris has told me enough about the last book to get pretty excited about it (I'm 3 chapters away from ending the second.) Still, I hope it doesn't end on a bad note for me. I've heard from several people that the end is not satisfying. Ugh. That's the last thing I need. To have the best book series I've read have an amazing first two installments with a horrible ending that I'll end up reading over and over.

And there you have it! A little about me you may not have known. And it wasn't about my kids. It feels strange not talking about them in a post. But, I'm not just a mother. Secretly, I want to be a famous singer, and I'm a darn good reader, too. Shhh....

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