Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Accidents Don't Just Happen

A few days ago, Micah told me after going to the bathroom that he peed on our cat. Ooo-kay, I thought, Maybe he's just making up a story like he sometimes does. A few minutes later, I find our cat, Joey, wet. Now I'm thinking, Well, maybe Micah just poured water on him. Later in the day, I found a huge section of Micah's comforter wet. I pushed the bed away from the wall to find a drip line. Finally, I take further measures and smell the bed. Sure enough, it was pee.

"Micah Adam Crosby! Did you pee on the cat?"


"You are in so much trouble!"

After putting the comforter in the washer and cleaning the cat the best I knew how, I talked to Chris later that day and told him the frustrating story. He agreed Micah should have been in big trouble, but he also said,

"You have to admit, it is kind of funny."

I smiled and said, "Yeah, it is."


Beth Willmore said...

Um ok - that is pretty funny. I'm glad I'm not the one that gets to come up with a consequence for that. :)

Catherine and Derrick said...

Ha Ha Yeah that is funny. My brother did the same thing when he was little