Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Latest on Devon

Devon is a whopping 11 lbs. 4 oz. and about 22 inches long. The young women at Mutual last night were laughing over her chubby leg rolls. (I was recently called to be the Beehive Adviser. And I just realized how weird that must sound to someone not Mormon.) Devon's cheeks are getting pretty chubby as well. It's amazing to see how much she's grown already, but she still has a long way to go. What a trooper!

Devon is a very pleasant baby. She cries only when she wants to be fed or be held. She can hold up her head when she lies down on her stomach, and she also sleeps through the night (right now). Although it seems I have more interactions with Micah and Paige, I do try to read to her when I feed her and hold her when we play outside. She's fun for me.

Balancing 3 kids, a husband, and a house is a lot of work. Plus, I'm trying to give myself more "me" time by picking up old hobbies or working out. Or blogging for that matter. It's a process figuring it all out, but I feel like I'm slowly getting there. I hope I do, because something like that is important to me.

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Michelle Church said...

I'm so glad she's doing so well and that she's a good baby for you!! 2 kids is hard for me to juggle, so I can only imagine 3!! That's great you're finding time for youself.