Wednesday, March 30, 2011


That is exactly what the Crosby family is. Blessed. In this year, we have seen positive changes in our lives. More are coming our way...

Last Sunday, our stake presidency announced to the Springfield wards the addition of a new ward, and we are within its boundaries! We are really excited for this change! The Church is growing! We loved 5th Ward, but now we are starting fresh in our new ward, Nixa Ward. There will be several members from our old ward with us, and it will be fun getting to know the new ones as well.

Yesterday, Chris had an interview with a company called HealthMEDX. He will use his degree with the position he applied for (Training Specialist.) He rocked the phone interview last Friday, because they called him back maybe a few hours later for a second interview (which was yesterday.) He must have really rocked that one, because they called him half an hour later for a third interview on Friday and e-mailed him some forms to fill out. We hope that this job works out for him. He would be so much happier there than where he works now.

On Friday, I am going to call the elementary school to set up an appointment for Micah's Kindergarten screening. I'm not sure what the screening entails, but Micah is looking forward to starting school. He seems ready to me. He knows his alphabet. Today, I tried to teach him simple math using blocks and the magnet numbers on our door; he did pretty well. He knows his numbers. He can spell his name with upper and lower-case letters. He knows how to cut with scissors. And he needs to find some friends. He and Paige get along well enough; they can play together. But, he needs a boy to play with often. He used to play with a boy I babysat for awhile, Enzo, but now they only see each other every couple of months. So, it would be great for him to find some new friends.

Joey and Tashio are the family's cat-dogs. They are cats, but they act somewhat like dogs. They are needy for attention. They will come to us when we call their names. Tashio will eat almost any people food we leave out. (I caught him licking tomatoes a few days ago.) It's pretty funny.

Tashio loves to sit on Chris' lap when he relaxes on the couch after work. It's their daily thing.

Tashio trying to find some fresh water. I guess his bowl isn't good enough.

Joey is one of the most beautiful and friendly cats a person can meet.

In this picture, you can see his awesome tiger stripes.

About a week ago, I fed the kids ravioli. Paige took it to the extreme and decided to smear the sauce ALL over her face (and a little in her hair.) I couldn't resist getting a picture of it. She is too cute!

 Until next time... This is Jenn saying, "Good night."

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