Monday, October 8, 2012

The Inevitable Is Here

Fearless. That is how I describe my daughter, Devon. I could describe her using other words as well (i.e. sneaky, mischievous, destructive, etc.) But, I will make it known that Devon is learning so well, because there is not much that she is afraid of. Today, my little warrior started an important (but hopefully not a lengthy) journey, potty training. I had a preview of what the upcoming months may have in store for me. The anxiety of possible accidents, the clean up, the nakedness. It's started.

Devon started the day in pull-ups. I had her go to the bathroom frequently, but nothing happened in there. It all happened in between bathroom breaks. After awhile, I started to believe she thinks that going potty means wetting the diaper and then sitting on the toilet. In an attempt to teach her otherwise, I decided to put underwear on her. After that, there were several more potty breaks, and still nothing happened. She was in dry underwear for quite some time. Then, the inevitable occurred. I watched Devon come down the hallway almost like a old western cowboy, legs apart, awkwardly maneuvering one foot in front of the other.

At one point, Devon did do the "deuce" in a pull-up. Determined to do things on her own, she did not give me any notice of this. Instead, she decided to clean up herself, making more of a mess in the process.

"Mom! Devon got poop on the floor!"

Ugh. I sigh and droop my shoulders as I go to discover the damage. Not as bad as I had thought. (I'll spare you the dirty details.) Still, this means Devon will need me to keep a closer eye on her.

Devon does not enjoy being covered sometimes. She has an inclination to go naked every now and then. Why? Who knows. I'd much rather her have clothes on while potty training. If she does have an accident, there's a much greater chance that she won't get any pee or poop on the floor. I'd much rather do laundry than bend down on hands and knees to scrub the carpet.

Despite all that happened today (which in all honesty was minimal compared to other potty training days), Devon is an amazing little girl.

As a matter of fact, I am completely convinced that she will quickly learn how to use the bathroom on her own. She has learned just about everything else at a seemingly fast pace, too. She was a seven-week preemie. She has been through many tumbles and falls. But, man, she is tough! And she has the brains to prove it!

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