Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anniversary Adventure

Seven years. That's how long Chris and I have shared our lives together. We wanted to create a memorable weekend, and this is how it went down.

Last Saturday started out well. After we dropped off the kids at my in-laws' house, it was lunchtime, but we decided to go for a walk in the Springfield mall, discussing what we would like for Christmas. (No, it's never too early to discuss Christmas...presents.) Later, we decided it would actually be time for us to eat, time for Hu Hot. Chris and I both love food, and we love a Mongolian grill! The Not So Sweet and Sour sauce is the best and is my favorite. It's name is ironic since sweet and sour sauce is the type I crave the most.

Next, we checked into our hotel. We made sure to get a nice room, and it was nice. The only thing we wished we had was a bigger bed. (Spoiled much?) Swimming at the pool was not an option since I forgot my swimsuit. Still, we made the most of our time, hanging out at a coffee house drinking water, because it's where you can find the best water. At least, I hoped so. We also hoped to find a game of chess, but to our dismay, there were no pieces, only a game board. No worries. We eventually found a game, even lots of games. 1984, the place to play old school arcade games downtown is where we ended up. We played every game we wanted to except for Rampage. The same group of kids were playing it over and over the whole time we were there. I told Chris I was tempted to ask them, "Isn't it past your bedtime?" We wanted to bust some buildings, man!

Then, we found some cheesy fries. We're talking about fries with cheese melted on top and bacon! We stopped at Big Whiskey's for a bite to eat (also with surprisingly amazing water) and became engrossed in the Yankees vs. Tigers game. Chris told me of his Little League days when his team was named after the Detroit Tigers for a few years in a row. I always cheered for any Detroit team when I was a wee child, because that's where my mom and dad grew up. So, we sort of reconnected with that team on our night out. Overnight, and over a plate of cheesy fries, we became die hard fans. Of course, it only lasted for a night.

Oh yes, I just remembered to mention the rain. It rained. Hard. One might even call it a downpour. But, it was actually a lot of fun half running/walking in the storm. We were pretty soaked for the night, but we didn't care. We were just glad to be together. At the end of the night, our hotel room welcomed us with So, we shut them, put on our PJs, and snuggled into bed. Our TV selection before shutting our eyes? Billy the Exterminator! (At this point, I give you permission to audibly groan.) Billy actually had some really interesting facts about...rodents...eww! Why am I talking about this?

We woke the next morning refreshed and ready to continue our amazing (and very mini-) vacation. We were actually able to sleep in! A definite high highlight of the trip! Breakfast was downstairs. It was a buffet, and I piled my plate high with French toast, sausage, I-love-cheese-y eggs, a poppy seed muffin, cantaloupe, yogurt, and a banana. Cranberry juice was my choice of drink. (I know, you're thinking, "What, no water?") It was delicious. Chris thought I was wasting space putting fruit on my plate at the buffet when I always get that at home. He decided to take advantage of the biscuits and gravy among other things.

Later on, we went bowling. Unlike our favorite baseball players from the night before, we were actually trying to get (at least) three strikes. No luck there; though, we got a couple. We only played one game since the prices have risen to a ridiculous level. $2.50 for one person to rent shoes, and then $2.99 for one game per person. Holy crap! I was disappointed by that, but no matter. We just made more time for sushi at Nakato. We didn't get the cooked-in-front-of-you meal; we sat at the sushi bar, which I had never done before. That was pretty cool to me. Chris and I chatted and enjoyed being in a relaxed atmosphere. When we were done, he surprised me with...

A walk down Memory Lane. Well, that's what I'd like to call it. We strolled along a trail that Chris took me to a couple of times when we were dating. The leaves on the trees surrounding the trail were changing colors. That is why I love the autumn season. It was nice to revisit that place, even though this time there were huge puddles from the downpour. Still, we had fun talking about random things, even a little bit about our future. That's the end of our anniversary adventure, but it's not the end to a wonderful relationship. Whatever my future holds, I will be with my best friend, Chris.

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