Friday, June 27, 2008

Art 260 Assignment

Hey everyone! I have been given this assignment from Brother Atkinson. He is doing it along with us so check out his blog. I thought I might post my pictures here as well with a little explanation of why that photos means something to me.

Art 260 Assignment

This week (beginning tomorrow) you are to keep a "daily photographic journal" similar to Byron Wolf's project entitled "Everyday". I suggest that you read the introduction to his book which is posted at the end of today's lecture notes, and then start the day tomorrow with your camera at your side. I will participate along with you and you can view my images each day at: Please have your images emailed to me ( BY MIDNIGHT each day. I WILL NOT COUNT IMAGES THAT ARE SENT AFTER MIDNIGHT! If you miss a day - it cannot be made up.

It is my hope that this project will cause you to consider some of the things around you that make up your visual world. Try not to make 'contrived' photographs. Try using the camera as a visual diary - just record your life as it happens.

Remember: NO WEEKLY IMAGES DUE TOMORROW. This assignment takes their place. Also, TRY to have next Tuesday's photo's (day 6) emailed a little bit early.

Have fun!

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