Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Son the Artist

Micah has really been spreading his artistic wings today. He has also been walking a thin line. Micah decided that after he pooped he was going to put his hands down his pants and paint with what he found.

Needless to say I smelt something funny and looked over at him smearing his own poop on the floor! Then he looked up and me and said.. "ewww Yucky". Something told me this day would come but I wasn't ready for it! So Micah got an early bath. This story is not over.

So we put him down to bed. Jen usually stays in the room with him until he falls asleep. Sometimes we don't and he is pretty good about going to sleep. So we put him to bed. I went into the bed room about 30 min later to get my shoes on to check the mail and guess who was in my room with an empty bottle of Desitin. That's right you guessed it, Micah!

We he thought the floor, my hat, mirror, his foot, and clothes all needed a white coat of baby rash cream. I think Jen was about to kill the little guy, with kindness of coarse, so I put him back down to bed. Right now he is sleeping but I will let you know if he decided to make another master piece in the morning!

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