Monday, June 16, 2008

Shun the unbeliever shunnnn.......

So my good friend Kirby Heyborne went from Mormon Hero to Mormon Leper (they are really going to make him ring a bell and say unclean when coming around other Mormons.) He is in a Miller Lite commercial! I can not believe he acted in a commercial. How dare he make money for his family. The fragile minds of the Mormon empire are in a frenzy. Kirby didn't you know, peoples testimony's are based on your acting choices.

This is what Corbin Allred (another LDS actor) had to say about this.
Oh...and this is a message to anyone who enjoys judging my friend Kirby, HOW COME NOBODY EVER GETS MAD AT ME?! I'M MORMON TOO! AND I KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ON TV AND IN MOVIES!!! I guess pretending you smoke or drink beer is worse than STRANGLING PEOPLE WITH AN ELECTRICAL CHORD...maybe I just don't understand. Does the guy who plays Judas in church videos get hate mail? Remember folks...IT'S NOT REAL!!!
I am tired of people passing judgment. This is between him and his family and GOD. No one else. I can not believe that people have been sending him HATE mail. I am so happy we as Christians really embraced the whole concept of love one another by sending them hate. Loving one another is something that we need to do always, even if someone is in a Beer commercial. Go team go!

So needless to say. Kirby I am sorry that people are are retarded. Wear that bell proud. Yell unclean at General Conference!

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